Self-Guided Downtown Walking Tour

I have put together a self-guided walking tour map for Downtown Cincinnati. The tour hits many of the historical gems, local landmarks, and visitor highlights of Downtown Cincinnati. It also offers a great glimpse of the variety of Downtown architecture and urban form.

You can click on the various flags for details are the tour highlights. If taken at a leisurely pace it should take about 1.5 to 2 hours to complete the 2.8 mile tour. Hopefully this will work as a tool for out-of-town visitors, or those looking to reacquaint themselves with Cincinnati’s downtown.

More tours will follow that are meant to re-engage people with Cincinnati’s center city. Please give feedback on what should be added or omitted, to the tour, and what tours you might like to see in the future.

View Larger Map

  • Martha

    I only had a couple of hours in Cincinnati and wanted to get the most bang for my buck, so to speak. This was perfect, and really fun! Thanks so much for putting it together.

  • That’s great to hear Martha…glad to hear you enjoyed the tour. Hopefully the next time you visit we’ll have a couple of additional walking tours for you to check out.

  • Carolyn

    How do I get a print out with the map and the description of the sights to see of downtown Cincinnati. I can not carry my computer with me. (Well, I could but it would be cumbersome and not very efficient).

    Also, I work on a Mac and the Piatt Park picture and description does not come up so that I can view the picture and the description at the same time.

  • Carolyn:

    If you click on the “View Larger Map” link underneath the embedded map it will take you to the GoogleMap page. At that point you can click on the “Print” link at the top-right of the map inside Google. This will then open up a new window from which to print that will include the map, images, and descriptions of each of the destinations included on this walking tour.

    I do not know what to say about your issues with the Piatt Park picture and description, but I will look into it. Hopefully this helps. Enjoy!

  • Jeffrey

    Just did your walking your today and it was great! Thanks for posting it (nearly 5 years ago)!

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