2007 Bold Fusion

Today is the day of Bold Fusion, and it will be the main draw for new members to the Mayor’s Young Professionals Kitchen Cabinet (YPKC). If you’re a YP and want to be involved you should apply to be a part of the YPKC. There are a variety of committees and depending on your interests/knowledge you can try to get on the one of your choice.

If you would like to apply for the YPKC, you can get an online application, fill it out and then send it back in to the city as directed on the application form. Just make sure you get your application in by the October 1st deadline. You also must include a resume with the application…so act quickly!

700 WLW continues to embarrass Cincinnati

If it isn’t enough to have the Cincinnati Enquirer running the show in print media…Cincinnati has to deal with these clowns dominating the air waves at 700 WLW. Now if it were a one time thing I would be upset, but most likely move on without really getting steamed. But it almost seems as though 700 WLW and Clear Channel Radio advocate this kind of shock radio that 700 has become.

The on-air “talents” seem to do nothing more than spew outrageous comments that are meant to aggravate/irritate. Much of the time their on-air hosts are uninformed on the topics they discuss and merely insult anyone who questions them or calls them out on this.

More recently the station has gone from being just uninformed shenanigans to just pure trash. If you remember back Andy Furman seemed to start the disturbing trend when he called Bengals WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh a “racist” for not appearing on his talk show. I don’t have the time or patience to go into all of his nonsense, so I’ll leave it at that.

Not too long ago 700 I guess thought they needed an encore presentation when they plastered billboards all over Cincinnati depicting what was meant to be a Mexican. The billboards did a great job at perpetuating a stereotype that is not only a broad generalization, but not even correct for many Hispanic immigrants. The Hispanic community blasted 700 WLW for inappropriate behavior and demanded that the station right its wrongs. They promised improved relations and that they would work towards improving Hispanic relations.

Fast forward a couple of months…and 700 comes out with a new line of promotions. This time the promotions offered “helpful phrases” to communicate with illegal aliens. Once again the station was doing a great job a perpetuating stereotypes of a particular segment of society…a segment of society that they had just made a promise to work with. Truly amazing!

I guess they’ve had enough of the Hispanic community for now, and have directed their attention back to the professional athletes in Cincinnati. The news now is that Bill Cunningham made bold assertions that Adam Dunn was playing drunk for the Reds. Adam Dunn felt the comment was out of line regardless of whether Cunningham was joking or not (which he said he was).

Personally I don’t go for this shock radio junk. Give me some good programing with people who actually know what they’re talking about and don’t have to rely on outrageous statements and colorful remarks. What I want to know now is why Clear Channel Radio hasn’t done anything to counter this behavior? They had no problem cracking down on censorship stuff, but when it comes to shock radio there appears to be little or no accountability.

If you would like some accountability from 700 WLW please contact Clear Channel Radio and let them know how you feel. You can reach Sanda Coyle regarding you concerns with the trash that 700 feels they can get away with. Once again,

CONTACT SANDA COYLE: sandacoyle@clearchannel.com

Cincinnati’s Premier University

Well the beginning of the school year is about to begin at the University of Cincinnati…so I thought that I would do a little write up about the university. Keep in mind that I am a University of Cincinnati student, and I have a little bit of a bias towards my institution. But I am just trying to convey facts and information with this one. UC will surprise you with its history, accomplishments and stature.

Starting as a medical school in 1819, Dr. Daniel Drake received a charter for the Medical College of Ohio (the 2nd medical school founded west of the Allegheny Mts). In 1870 the estate of Charles McMicken left money to the City of Cincinnati to establish the University of Cincinnati. This absorbed the Cincinnati College and also took in the combined Ohio-Miami Medical Department in 1909. In 1962 the university then absorbed the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. The university later became one of Ohio’s state universities in 1977.

McMicken Hall – University of Cincinnati

UC also boasts the nation’s first co-operative education (co-op) program which was invented by Herman Schneider in 1906. The co-op program is considered the 3rd best professional practice program and is the largest program in the nation. The program engages over 2,000 companies in 43 different countries.

Ranked as one of America’s top 25 public research universities and in the top 50 of all American research universities, UC has an annual enrollment around 35,000 or so students (both graduate and undergraduate).

Mews Gardens – University of Cincinnati

The university also boasts many excellent programs. Most notably the College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) and the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP) are well respected as some of the best schools in their respective disciplines. Programs ranked in the Top 25 and well respected programs nationwide include:

Interior Design, Architecture, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Urban Planning, Criminal Justice, Operations Management, Marketing, CCM – Voice, Composition, Piano, Musical Theatre, Drama. Other well respected programs include the College of Law, College of Pharmacy and the College of Medicine.

Lindner Athletics Center – University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati’s campus has also been recognized as one of the most architecturally dynamic campuses in all of America. The university boasts works done by such architects as Frank O. Gehry, Peter Eisenman, Thom Mayne and Michael Graves.

You can view more photos on the University of Cincinnati HERE!!! If you would like to see more of the surrounding area, you can look through the Cincinnati neighborhood galleries.