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PHOTOS: Newport’s Mansion Hill and East Row Historic Districts

The other day I visited Newport (no not the Levee) and took some photos of Newport’s Mansion Hill and East Row districts. The day was cold, the skies were gray, but I had a good time nonetheless walking through Newport’s often overlooked residential districts.

Mansion Hill boasts many gorgeous homes that have been well maintained over the years. East Row is another historic district, but will much more modest dwellings in a comfortable neighborhood setting. The area is sprinkled with neighborhood businesses including the well-known Italian restaurant Pompilio’s and Mansion Hill Tavern.

Today the neighborhood is experiencing the spread of investment from the nearby Newport on the Levee complex, but is also suffering from the noise and traffic from I-471 which practically owns the eastern portion of the neighborhoods.

There are 35 photos in the slideshow. You can also view the full set on UrbanOhio.