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UrbanCincy to be back to regular publishing schedule tomorrow

Please excuse the infrequency of content lately.  The UrbanCincy team has been hard at work lining up new stories and features we hope you will all find quite enjoyable.  On top of that, I have been in San Francisco for the past five days.  The trip to the bay area will certainly provide content down the road as I was able to learn a lot about their transit systems, urban design, and overall city functions during my visit.

While in San Francisco I got to see virtually all of the tourist destinations but also the city’s first parklet, their new bus stops, ride a bike down Lombard Street and across the Golden Gate Bridge to Saulsalito, try out one of San Francisco’s best taco trucks while enjoying Aztec dancing in the Mission District, enjoy some of the most walkable neighborhoods in the United States, and learn a lot about the region’s transit system thanks to Jeff Wood from Reconnecting America.  I took hundreds of photographs documenting the entire journey, but in the mean time enjoy these sub-par camera phone pictures.


UrbanCincy voted one of best blogs in Cincinnati

CityBeat recently announced the winners of the 2010 Best of Cincinnati awards, and I’m proud to say that UrbanCincy was, once again, voted among the best blogs in Cincinnati. UrbanCincy came in second behind Scott Sloan’s blog for 700 WLW “The Nation’s Station.” Also finishing in the top three was Julie Niesen’s Wine Me, Dine Me food blog.

It really is an honor to be considered to be the best in whatever it is you do, and I personally do feel honored. But, I would not have been able to grow UrbanCincy to where it is today without the help of the dedicated team of writers that help produce content, brainstorm story ideas, shoot photography and conduct research for our stories.

Since its inception in May 2007, UrbanCincy has grown from a random spattering of thoughts shared on a blog every so often, to a website that now publishes almost 100 percent original content 10 to 12 times each week. A group of friends and interested community members has grown into a large collection of tens of thousands of people each month who visit UrbanCincy to stay connected with what is happening in Cincinnati’s urban core.

Work published on UrbanCincy has been featured in the Cincinnati Enquirer, Reno Gazette-Journal, National Resource & Defense Council, Trust for Public Land, Planetizen, ‘Smart City’ and ‘City Talk’ radio shows, Reconnecting America, Streetsblog, Urbanophile, and discussed by Richard Florida. I feel like since May 2007, UrbanCincy has helped to change the conversation in Cincinnati. More and more people are excited about the transformation of Cincinnati’s urban core, policy decisions are being discussed and debated in a new way, and new ideas are emerging about how we should manage and interact with the city.

On May 8th, UrbanCincy’s 3rd anniversary, the UrbanCincy team will celebrate the launch of a brand new website. There will be expanded coverage, new ongoing features, an updated design, and even more content all based on the input given in the 2010 UrbanCincy Survey. A launch party is currently being planned for that Saturday night so we would like to ask you to reserve that spot on your calendar to come out and meet the team, celebrate the new website and enjoy Cincinnati’s urban core. Please stay tuned for event details.

Thanks again for your ongoing support. We hope to be able to continue to offer high-quality content and better user experiences down the road that are engaging and interesting. In the mean time, if there are any comments you would like to share with me or the team, please do so in the comment section of this post. Cheers.


The next phase for UrbanCincy

As of today I have started a new job in Atlanta that will have me traveling all over for the next year or so. In the mean time I will still be running UrbanCincy as always and look to engage additional writers and contributors to those currently on staff.

I will be back and forth between Atlanta and Cincinnati, but will not be able to provide that grassroots level commentary as much as I would like (this is where the writers come in). I will be taking what I learn from my travels and relay that information to you while offering up solutions to problems we have in Cincinnati, or just offer up ways in which we could be an even better city.

I will also continue to relay information about what is going on in Cincinnati’s urban core in terms of events, discussions and opportunities to get involved. Hopefully this site is both informational and insightful regarding Cincinnati’s urban life. The first two years have been great and steady growth continues to be realized. I can’t wait to look forward and see what the next two years bring for UrbanCincy and Cincinnati.

If you are interested in contributing to UrbanCincy please email and include you name, background, areas of interest, why you want to contribute. I would also love hearing your thoughts on Cincinnati so feel free to ramble.


Back soon…

Sorry about the lack of articles lately. I have been traveling all over Greece and haven’t had the time or internet connection to write new content. I’ll be back in Cincinnati April 6th with lots of new stuff then, but in the mean time just bear with me.

Just to make you jealous. Here was the view from my front porch in Oia for the past week on the Greek island of Santorini.

Breakfast spot for the past week outside of my room in Oia…the island of Thirisia is seen in this photo.

Looking from my room out over the rest of Oia


Welcome UrbanCincy’s New Writers

In an effort to increase the quantity and quality of the content on UrbanCincy four new writers have been added to the roster for a total of five altogether. All of them have contributed in one way, shape or form to UrbanCincy over the years.

Sherman Cahal (Over-the-Rhine), has been with UrbanCincy for several months now contributing content about Cincinnati’s history, bicycling community, and photography. He will continue with these roles and look to continue to develop new ideas and content for the site.

Brad Hawse (The Heights), is a returning writer and will look to fill us in on what is happening with Cincinnati’s YP community, the Uptown area, and other general news/info.

Chris St. Pierre (CUF), is a new member who will be adding in his expertise on political/legal issues and transportation policy.

Travis Estell (CUF), is the Technology Director for Bearcast Radio and runs the weekly Explore Cincinnati radio show (Fridays @ 10am). Travis will keep us informed on university related items, business news, infrastructure, and local media quips.

Adam Hawkins (Western Hills), has helped UrbanCincy in the past with theatre/performance reviews and will continue to contribute on that front in addition to photography and general musings from a Cincinnati westsider.

If there are certain topics that you think UrbanCincy spends too much or too little time on please let us know. We hope to be able to make the site a more comprehensive place to get all your information on Cincinnati and its urban core. Please feel free to get to know these new writers through their profile links in the left column, and share your thoughts with us in the comment section. Thanks for reading.