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Shop locally this season with Cincinnati Unchained and Crafty Supermarket

Shop Local Cincy(disclaimer: Jenny works for ArtsWave, one of the sponsors for Crafty Supermarket. However, it’s too cool of an event not to tell you about it. Sorry boutcha.)

For those looking to circulate money inside Cincinnati, get a head start on their holiday shopping, and support independent businesses, this is the weekend to do it. Saturday, November 19th marks the return of the Crafty Supermarket, a craft fair focusing on “indie crafters, designers, artists, DIYers and other unconventional makers who put a lot of value on locally made goods” as well as the 5th annual Cincinnati Unchained shopping event – over 80 businesses all over the region are offering discounts for local shoppers.

“I think shoppers are increasingly looking toward locally owned businesses as a way to avoid the mall rush, get great service, and find unique gifts you can’t find anywhere else,” said Sean Fisher, one of the co-founders of the Cincinnati Unchained event.

From Bellevue to Wyoming and everywhere in between, local businesses and eateries have committed to awesome deals to help shoppers get a head start on gifts for loved ones this year. The Unchained website has a full list of deals and discounts available.

Every dollar spent at a locally-owned business generates approximately three times more economic activity than a dollar spent at a national franchise. By choosing to shop locally-owned for just one day, we can help support the local entrepreneurs in our own neighborhoods who help make Cincinnati unique.

By filling out a Shopper’s Passport – available at the Crafty Supermarket! – shoppers can be entered to win one of seven gift baskets filled with local goodies. The Supermarket, located again at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center, opens at 11 am and goes all day, with DJ’d music, local food, and free gift wrapping by Yelp! Cincinnati.

“Cincinnati cherishes its neighborhoods, and at the center of each of our neighborhoods are small independent businesses,” explained Fisher. “Cincinnati Unchained is a chance to reinvest in our neighborhoods and support our local economy.”