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Jenny is a local designer who has a passion for people and for Cincinnati. She began writing for UrbanCincy in September 2009, and served as the website's operation manager until March 2012. Jenny currently works for ArtsWave and manages the OTR Urban Kickball League.

Landor creates new downtown tradition with holiday windows

Local branding and design firm Landor, located in the former Shillitos department store building at Race and 7th Streets in downtown Cincinnati, has implemented an updated twist on classic holiday window displays using modern technology.
Shop Local Cincy

Shop locally this season with Cincinnati Unchained and Crafty Supermarket

Cincinnati Unchained and Crafty Supermarket bring two great opportunities to keep your dollars local this holiday season.

Washington Park continues construction

The 47.3 million dollar renovation currently undergoing Washington Park is progressing at a fantastic clip. Though all the general public normally sees is a green construction fence, make no mistake: improvements are happening, and it is already amazing to see what 3CDC has accomplished since closing the park last year.

Truth behind county’s MSD vote comes out

More information about Wednesday's MSD streetcar vote comes to light.

Cincinnatians for Progress head into final weeks of campaign

The group dedicated to stopping the over-reaching, poorly worded and potentially debilitating piece of anti-rail legislation known (this year) as Issue 48 has mere...