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The Littlefield to Bring Craft Bourbon Bar to Northside This June

A craft bourbon bar called The Littlefield will open in Northside next month. The approximately 400SF establishment, which will also include a large outdoor terrace, has been years in the making.

A craft bourbon bar called The Littlefield will open in Northside next month at 3930 Spring Grove Avenue. The approximately 400-square-foot establishment, which will also include a large outdoor terrace, is being opened by four neighborhood residents who say they have been working on the concept for at least four years.

Named after the family that built the house in the 1870s, The Littlefield is hoping to bring something different to the neighborhood that surrounds it, while also complimenting its history and culture. Co-owner Matt Distel says that the goal is to make The Littlefield a great neighborhood bar and kitchen, and hopes that the name grounds them in that direction.

Hoping to build on some of the history of Northside, the four co-owners conducted research in order to find the early settlers of the area, as well as the restaurants and bars that have anchored the neighborhood over the years.

“Ultimately we decided that naming our place after the people who built the actual building in the 1870s was the most direct link we could make,” Distel stated. “These other local histories will find their way into The Littlefield through our menus and artwork.”

While history was a big focus for The Littlefield, it is the food and drink about which the owners are passionate. They say that their main focus is bourbon, bourbon-based cocktails, regional beers and food that pairs well with those offerings.

“We [Cincinnati] were a bit ahead of the curve in terms of bourbon popularity and now you can find a decent bourbon selection around town,” Distel told UrbanCincy. “Fortunately our own interest in bourbon has not waned in the slightest nor does it seem that its popularity is anywhere near decline.”

That being said, the team behind The Littlefield says that they will offer a lot more than just bourbon.

Distel says that they will offer an extensive collection of regional and craft beers, and a full-service bar that will have a wide variety of cocktails and a “thoughtful” wine list.

The group has received help from Shoshannah Friedman, former chef at Honey, when it came to developing their menu. To that end, they say they will also join a growing collection of establishments in sourcing as many local products as possible.

Distel expects to welcome The Littlefield‘s first customers in June; however, no official opening date has been set. Hours of operation have also yet to be finalized.