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HOT Lanes Struggle to Raise Revenues

HOT Lanes Struggle to Raise Revenues

Part of the improvements to the Interstate 75 corridor through Cincinnati could include the addition of High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes. However reports from similar implementations across the country show that HOT lanes are not performing as expected and generating less revenue. These reports may be signs of caution for transportation officials and financiers eager to implement these measures as a way to finance large scale highway projects. More from the Atlantic Cities:

For sure, the lessons of SR-167 may not apply to every new HOT lane across the country, but Gross’s ongoing work does suggest a number of fairly universal takeaways. First things first, state DOTs would be wise to share commuter and traffic data. They should also enter projects with a clear sense of whether they want their express lane to offer congestion relief or generate revenue — and shift toll formulas accordingly. And they should factor a period of driver adjustment into fiscal forecasts.

By John Yung

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