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Faulty Evidence Cited in Curbside Bus Crackdown

Faulty Evidence Cited in Curbside Bus Crackdown

A recent report which scrutinizes curbside buses is receiving criticism for being overly skeptical of the service. Curbside bus services such as Megabus and BoltBus have risen in popularity over the last few years in cities not currently connected well by rail transportation. In Cincinnati Megabus operates service to several mid-western cities and southern cities such as Atlanta. There is also Chinatown bus service to New York however one of the operators was shut down by the federal government last year. Read more at Next City:

Notably, BoltBus and Megabus, a service owned by CoachUSA, continue to operate despite their curbside status. Why the feds chose to clamp down on some curbside bus operators and not others raises questions of who, exactly, has the privilege of running a private transportation company in U.S. cities. Curbside operators with corporate owners still do business, while those with independent owners — often Chinese immigrants — have gotten the boot.

By John Yung

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