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‘Aliens With Extraordinary Skills’ humorously grapples with immigration and love

OTR’s Know Theater opened its third production of the season on January 29. “Aliens With Extraordinary Skills” is a dark comedy about two Moldovan immigrants struggling to adapt in NYC.

Left to Right: Beth Harris, Liz Vosmeier, and MJ Jurgensen.

Over-the-Rhine’s Know Theatre opened its third production of the season on January 29.  Aliens With Extraordinary Skills, a dark comedy, tells the story of two Moldovan immigrants to the United States. As they struggle to find work, two immigration agents continually interfere, making their adjustment process that much harder.

While living and working in New York City, the immigrants, named Nadia (Liz Vosmeier) and Borat (Matthew Johnson) separately meet Lupita (Kaitlin Becker), who finds herself involved in the immigrants’ lives more than she ever imagined.

Despite the propensity for a play about immigration to be overly serious, Saviana Stanescu’s Aliens With Extraordinary Skills masterfully uses situational and physical humor to bring levity.

“Saviana Stanescu’s writing is what drew me to this show,” says director Eric Vosmeier. “Her manner of storytelling has an interesting and unique voice. She manages to find lighthearted commend in the struggle of trying to survive everday life as an illegal immigrant in a big city.”

Aliens With Extraordinary Skills runs now through February 26. For a full listing of showtimes or to purchase tickets, visit the Know Theater website or call the box office at (513) 300-5669.  All tickets to all Know Theatre productions this season are $12 in advance or $15 on the week of the performance, beginning Monday at noon. Flexible subscriptions are also available for $48.