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Yoga Row creating new business unions along Main Street

Yoga businesses are stretching their entrepreneurial spirit by collaborating to form Yoga Row through downtown Cincinnati’s Central Business District and historic Over-the-Rhine. The four new yoga studios have partnered with Park+Vine store to offer special discounts and get more people involved with the urban renaissance taking place along the street.

A visit to Main Street between 8th and Liberty streets nowadays reveals a neighborhood not only on the mend, but on the rise.

“There are a few signs that keen-eyed observers of urban areas look for that an area is changing,” says Main Street business owner Nancy Willman. “The increased use of bicycles, people walking pets, a new hardware store or successful bakery, and another is the growth of yoga studios. Main Street shows all these signs — especially now with four yoga studios equally spaced along eight blocks of Main Street.”

The owners of Main Street Yoga, Yoga Bar, You Do Yoga, and the Joyful Life Yoga Center have collaborated together to form a new project, nicknamed “Yoga Row.”

“While competition may be the norm in American business it has no place in yoga,” explains Yoga Bar owner Rachel Roberts. “The word ‘yoga’ translates to union, and that is the spirit in which the four Main Street studios have come together with our yogi friend and green grocer, Dan Korman of Park+Vine. We want to foster community, to reach more people and to help students find their style or blend of styles and their teachers.”

The four studios offer a wide variety of teaching styles and yoga classes, and it can seem overwhelming to those who might be looking to begin or continue their practice. Yoga Row collaborators have created the solution to this problem through the Yoga Row Passport.  Available for purchase at Park+Vine, this $20 pass renders the owner eligible to take one class of their choosing at each studio, for free.

“By offering this Yoga Row Passport, students can try four distinct schools of yoga and a variety of teachers at a very affordable cost, giving them the time and experience needed to cultivate a sustainable practice,” said Roberts. “After they have visited all four studios they can use their passport for 20 percent off a yoga mat or any other item at Park+Vine.”

Photo Credit: Rachel Roberts

By Jenny Kessler

Jenny is a local designer who has a passion for people and for Cincinnati. She began writing for UrbanCincy in September 2009, and served as the website's operation manager until March 2012. Jenny currently works for ArtsWave and manages the OTR Urban Kickball League.