‘Carousel Kids’ opens at Museum Gallery/Gallery Museum – 3/26

Museum Gallery/Gallery Museum will host its third show, entitled Carousel Kids, in historic Over-the-Rhine Friday, March 26 from 7pm to 11pm after being founded just months ago. The new gallery space in Over-the-Rhine’s art community places the focus of its shows on local talent.

“Museum Gallery is run by six artists working as individual curators,” explained Matt Wiseman. “Our goal is to promote local and up and coming contemporary artists working in all mediums, while creating different experiences among each show.”

The show will feature primarily installation-based work assembled by the artists’ collective SLAPface, and will “explore 1840’s Americana,” that was complete with freak shows and dime museums, and examine this era’s influence on contemporary art display.

“Oddities, the grotesque and the uncanny were once the common spectacles which the circus and carnival revolved around. As a form of mass entertainment, these institutions showcased mysterious and weird creatures, human and animal alike,” described Wiseman. “The popularity of these shows fell into decline in the wake of the ever widening media and modern scientific discovery, only to survive in cult culture. Carousel Kids takes a lighter approach on the notion of modern day anomalies, while staying within the same vein of its predecessors.”

The show opening at Museum Gallery/Gallery Museum (map) includes a reception and is free if you reserve a ticket, and just 75 cents without a ticket. Tickets can be reserved online or by calling (859) 462-3799.

By Randy A. Simes

Randy is an award-winning urban planner who founded UrbanCincy in May 2007. He grew up on Cincinnati’s west side in Covedale, and graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s nationally acclaimed School of Planning in June 2009. In addition to maintaining ownership and serving as the managing editor for UrbanCincy, Randy has worked professionally as a planning consultant throughout the United States, Korea and the Middle East. After brief stints in Atlanta and Chicago, he currently lives in the Daechi neighborhood of Seoul’s Gangnam district.