Do Downtown Restaurant Week

Starting on Monday, August 10 you can find some great dining deals downtown! The Do Downtown Dining Group is putting on this week long event to encourage a night on the town as the summer starts to wind down. Twenty-two different restaurants are offering special deals for $35. Depending on where you go, you can get either two dinners or a three course meal for that price and while the menu selections are somewhat limited there is definitely something for everyone.

Check out an old haunt such as Arnold’s and build yourself a three-course dinner from their menu (pdf) for the week. Start with the Arnold’s Crabcackes, followed by Drunken Salmon, and topped off with the Super Brownie. Looking for a vegetarian option? You could try some Eggplant Bruchetta, a Wild Wild Wild Salad, and the Pasta Androski.

Get dressed up for a night on the town and head to Orchids at Palm court which was named by Cincinnati Magazine as the best restaurant in town for 2009. There are two choices from each of their courses (pdf) which will get you a salad, a great looking entree, and a dessert. Or be a little adventurous and head up into the Gateway Quarter and try out Lavomatic (pdf). Start with a Rabbit Salad, enjoy a Sea Trout for dinner, and have the wonderful Chocolate Macadamia Tart for dessert.

Try a candle lit dinner at Scotti’s or head to the uber-colorful Bootsy’s. Try some Korean or Indian or go a little more traditional and head to Montgomery Inn or Morton’s. Give downtown a go this coming week, your taste buds and the local economy will thank you for it! (It should be noted that this is a separate event from the semi-annual one hosted by Greater Cincinnati Independent Restaurants. Their fall Restaurant Week is coming September 14-20.)