PHOTOS: 49 Shots from the 2014 Northside Fourth of July Parade

After the Northside Fourth of July Parade came back to life in 1970, it has served as an annual fixture in the neighborhood. Over the years the crowds have grown and the parade has become a must-stop for any politicians looking to win votes in the city.

While this was the 44th consecutive year for the parade, its history dates back to the middle of the 19th century when the St. Joseph Orphanage was completed.

Aside from being one of the most significant and well-attended parades in the region, the Northside Fourth of July Parade is also one of the more eclectic.

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EDITORIAL NOTE: All 49 photographs in this gallery were taken by Jake Mecklenborg on Friday, July 4, 2014.

  • Mark Christol

    while nobody likes these photos here, a LOT of people like them on the …only in northside FB group.

    • What are you talking about?

    • Mark Christol

      Why are people always asking me that?
      I posted a link to this article on a FaceBook group called ‘…only in Northside’ and a lot of people ‘liked’ Mecklenborg’s photos but none of them commented on them here.
      Probably the Byzantine log in…

    • I found it after you made your comment. Thanks for sharing the photos around. I’ll now be tracking that Only in Northside group more closely.

    • EDG

      Which woman won worst outfit?

  • Jake Mecklenborg

    This event was a total blast. This parade, Bockfest, and Opening Day are the best three parades.

  • rehammmagdy


  • matimal

    I’m surprised this parade doesn’t get more attention. It’s as if Cincinnatians don’t see it as ‘theirs’ somehow. It shows the real diversity of Cincinnati.

    • It’s interesting because I think the Harvest Home Parade in Cheviot gets more play than this one. I’m not sure which one has largest attendance, but I guess they are both significant in their own regard to their given areas. I remember the Harvest Home Parade being a sort of West Side holiday when I was growing up. The Northside Fourth of July Parade is definitely more diverse and representative of Cincinnati as a whole though.

    • Mark Christol

      I saw the Northside festivities noted on a number of media sites before and after.
      That & Harvest Home are about as different as night & day, tho. Northside is young & forward looking while I think HH is more reflective. Then you have the hippie peace freak crowd in NS while HH has the sheriff driving his tank…