Could Cincinnati host the 2014 Big East Basketball Tournament?

The 2014 Big East Basketball Tournament will be its last before the ‘Catholic 7’ take over and make the conference their own. This year’s tournament, which starts tonight at Madison Square Garden, will be its last in Midtown Manhattan. After that, league sources say that they will look to host the tournament in a new location with Cincinnati being one of the finalists for 2014. Could this be Cincinnati’s next major event following the World Choir Games and preceding the 2015 All-Star Game? More from ESPN:

The current Big East, which must have a new conference name by July 1, will be left with a 10-member league in 2013: Cincinnati, UConn, UCF, Houston, Louisville, Memphis, Rutgers, SMU, Temple and USF.

Louisville and Rutgers will remain in the league one more season before moving to the ACC and Big Ten, respectively, in 2014. The remaining Big East schools are considering new sites for next year’s tournament, including Hartford, Conn.; Memphis, Tenn.; Cincinnati and Dallas.


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  • Cincinnati has everything they’d need for the tournament in terms of hotels, festival venues, etc, but is elderly US Bank Arena really equipped for a modern basketball tournament of that caliber? The concourse is packed to capacity and the concession lines are unbelievable for hockey games with just 5,000 people. What would happen when you actually fill the place with 18,000?

  • Adding to the list, U.S. Bank Arena is hosting a NCAA hockey regional next year(Miami as host school). Limited appeal perhaps, but the big college hockey schools travel well for these. As an aside, I’m shocked USBA got this as it was the host of a terrible Frozen Four.