Rookwood Pavilion offering upscale outlets an urban destination

Believe it or not, Rookwood Commons and Kenwood Towne Centre once were in a heated battle over which shopping destination would become the region’s premier stop. Due to a number of factors, including a messy eminent domain case that prohibited Rookwood from expanding, Kenwood has taken firm control of that title. Rookwood hasn’t died, however, and it may be looking to become a destination for unique retailers entering urban markets. More from the Business Courier:

The Nike factory store now under development at Rookwood Pavilion is part of a larger plan to reposition the 20-year-old retail center as something you’ve probably never heard of: an urban infill outlet. The architect of that strategy, Mark Fallon, says outlet retailers pay higher rents, attract fashion-conscious shoppers and are looking to expand into urban areas.

“This opens us up to 200 quality tenants in the future,” said Fallon, vice president at Jeffrey R. Anderson Real Estate Inc., which handles leasing for the 257,000-square-foot Rookwood Pavilion in Norwood. “It offers (outlet tenants) an urban infill location, as opposed to being out in the hinterlands.”

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  • Funny excerpt. Just because he’s coining Rookwood as an “urban infill outlet” doesn’t mean anything about the development is urban other than being within quickly-suburbanizing Norwood and near the urban Hyde Park/Oakley squares, apparently fashion-conscious shoppers don’t desire an urban shopping experience as part of that conscious, and its proximity to a 71 interchange and layout makes this site very similar to a hinterlands interchange development Fallon seems to disdain.

  • There is nothing “urban” about this at all. It is Mason without the cornfields. Rookwood is astoundingly pedestrian-hostile. They have done almost everything they can other than expressly prohibiting entry on foot.

  • Agree with the others but I think that all things considered it’s closer to downtown and that is a positive. Plus you can actually ride a bus to Rookwood I believe so there’s that too.