How an abandoned building in St. Louis became an urban rock climbing destination

An abandoned building in St. Louis has become a destination for rock climbers. Similar transformations have occurred elsewhere throughout the United States including exterior rock climbing walls on the sides of buildings in Chicago, and a church turned rock climbing venue in Dayton. Is this something Cincinnati could do with the former church at Fifteenth Street and Race Street in historic Over-the-Rhine? More from Rust Wire:

The video explains the construction of Climb So Ill, a rock climbing gym constructed in the city of St. Louis in a formerly abandoned industrial building. The guy who sent me this, Adam Koberna of Walltopia, said his company is looking to build gyms like this throughout the industrial Midwest.

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  • clynch

    A bit closer to home: Urban Krag in Dayton. Great place for climbers with the original stained glass and wooden rafters from the church it used to be.

    • Right…that is the place I was referring to in the story summary when I mentioned Dayton. Good stuff.

  • I know a lot of people would love to see something like this happen downtown. The only climbing destinations near the urban core are UC’s rec center (former climbing wall employee here) and Eden Park’s reservoir wall. I’ve also heard of some good examples happening in Europe where urban climbing walls have been created using a cooperative format to engage children in after school activities.