Clifton Grocery Store To Reopen Early 2013

Clifton residents are close to being able to shop at a newly remodeled grocery store that has taken the place of Keller’s IGA after its closure in 2011. Although work on reopening the neighborhood grocery store had been delayed, Steve Goessling, who purchased the struggling store after it closed, is close to winning approval of a crucial development loan package that will relaunch the store with an expanded food selection more tuned to the neighborhoods needs. More from the Cincinnati Enquirer:

If all goes as planned, Goessling will accomplish a feat far more amazing than simply opening a new neighborhood market. He’ll prove that big things can happen when a business, a city and its people give their time, energy and money to a common cause, even in the worst economy. In this case, Goessling will bring back the fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, wines and beers that neighborhood shoppers sorely miss. He’ll return a business district anchor, recreate the neighborhood’s chief gathering place and likely make a nice living for himself, too.