SouthShore developers finally begin work on $15M second phase

Developers that brought Newport its first high-rise tower have begun construction on the project’s long-awaited next phase. Originally planned to include a second condo tower, the second phase will now boast rental units in a linear five-story building. More from the Cincinnati Business Courier:

Capital Investment Group Inc., the Cincinnati development company that developed SouthShore Condominiums, is starting on the second phase of the development, to be called Vue 180. The 93 rental units will be built above structured parking.

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  • Zachary Schunn

    Is it just me, or is it odd that most of the high-scale development is happening on the Kentucky side of the river these days? I understand the whole “riverfront views” thing, but there are plenty of good views from the Ohio side, and plenty of sites developers could pursue.

    • I wouldn’t agree with the claim that most high-rise construction is
      happening on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River. In total, there are about six
      high-rises in Newport and Covington…two of which were built within the past

      Cincinnati, obviously, has dozens and dozens of high-rises and has
      constructed numerous within the past decade. If you’re just comparing the
      downtown area of the Cincinnati side of the Ohio River then you can look at the
      construction of 303 Broadway (office) and Great American Tower (office). This
      second phase of SouthShore will not actually be a high-rise as was originally
      planned, and in fact this second phase will be smaller than what was built at
      the first phase of The Banks.

      On top of all that, Cincinnati will be building high-rise towers at
      Sixth & Race (residential), Fifth & Race (residential), Second &
      Walnut (office), Freedom & Main (hotel), and at Eighth & Sycamore
      (hotel) within the next decade. Meanwhile, there is nothing in the hopper for
      the Kentucky side of the river.

    • Zachary Schunn

      I mistyped. I meant “upscale” not “high-scale.”

      I agree there is a lot of development going on on both sides of the river. I just find it interesting that Newport/Covington has had more success with condos than Cincinnati has. All Cincinnati’s new construction is either office or apts., with some retail at the banks.

      (On a different note, just posted about high-rise potential at Court/Walnut on one of your old posts.)

    • It’s true that much of Cincinnati’s new construction has been non-condo, but the renovations have resulted in more condo units overall than KY. The McAlpin, Gateway Quarter, Parker Flats, and the random renos all over downtown.