Living car-free can help you save money, live healthier

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA), in partnership with The Sierra Club, The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and public transportation systems across the country will celebrate the 7th annual National Dump the Pump Day tomorrow.

The event is meant to encourage people take public transit instead of driving a car in an attempt to save money. But ditching the personal automobile can not only save you money, it can help you enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

UrbanCincy was recently contacted by creators of an infographic that breaks down the health issues related to driving. It should be something to consider before you hop into that vehicle of yours tomorrow morning, and every morning thereafter.

Killer Commute

  • I’ve biked or bused to work since last year. The only problems I’ve ever had are motorists who think the roads are only for cars. That said, I also see a lot of guys on bikes who don’t know the local biking laws either.

  • What I really enjoy about not driving a car is that I get some very basic level of exercise everyday since I need to walk just about everywhere. It’s amazing how this very minimal level of physical activity adds up.