Yard House to open first Ohio restaurant along Cincinnati’s central riverfront

The Banks development team announced today that Yard House, an upscale American fusion restaurant with 100-250 taps, will open its first location in Ohio on Cincinnati’s central riverfront.

The 10,000-square-foot restaurant will be the first stand-alone commercial tenant at The Banks, and will be located immediately in front of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center at the corner of Walnut Street and Freedom Way. Project officials say that the new structure will have an urban, industrial design featuring an open floor plan, exposed pipes, warm moods and stainless steel accents.

The Banks development has exceeded expectations in its first phase of development, and may soon break ground on phase two. Photograph by Randy A. Simes for UrbanCincy.

“Yard House will be a great addition to The Banks,” stated Scott Stringer, executive vice president at Carter, in a prepared release. “We are committed to making sure The Banks becomes a destination with unique entertainment and eating options. Yard House helps us recognize that vision.”

The restaurant was originally started along Los Angeles’ famed Long Beach waterfront nearly 16 years ago and has since spread across the United States to 38 select cities. In addition to this being Yard House’s first location in Ohio, it will become only their second Midwestern location with the other being located in Chicago.

The location is one of two buildable sites in front of the NURFC intended for restaurants, and will be located across from Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse which is currently under construction.

With phase one of development almost entirely occupied, speculation will now turn to when the second phase of construction will get underway. Cincinnati Mayor Mallory has already hinted that groundbreaking could take place this summer.

  • “it will become only their second Midwestern location with the other being located in Chicago”…land, the existing location is on the redeveloped former Air Force Station Glenview 
    http://www.theglentowncenter.com/ it is a fairly well done new urbanist subdivision, since it actually mixes uses. But the location of the main shopping area around the former control tower pulls most of the developments density away from the commuter train line, causing the rest of the development to be fairly car centric.

    • I am interested to see how this project materializes. I like the sound of what they’re proposing design-wise, but the application of said design can be another whole beast. Hopefully it turns out as well as the Moerlein Lager House.

    • BathtubGin

      “Hopefully it turns out as well as the Moerlein Lager House.”

      Now that’s optimism.

  • I think most people would consider Kansas City midwestern as well. I’ve been to that location and the Denver one. Excited for their Cincinnati arrival.

    •  If I had the power I would rebrand the Midwest into two separate areas: Great Lakes and Great Plains. Those two subsections of the massive Midwest area have two clearly different histories, identities and forms from one another.

    • Having lived in both KC and Cincinnati, I think the common bond between the two are the people. I always tell people that the two cities aren’t that different from each other, despite being separated by 600 miles. Many of the same struggles of our city are also happening in KC at the same time we are going through them.

  • Current’s architecture doesn’t look too bad from the top of a skyscraper.