The Southgate House will welcome Jason White this Friday, April 22 for a concert highlighting work off his new album entitled The Longing which is due out May 7.

The Cleveland-born musician is coming off two critically-acclaimed albums, Shades of Gray and Tonight’s Top Story. The show at the Southgate House will include David Mead in addition, and prior to, White’s headlining performance.

While excited for the Cincinnati show, Jason White and promoters have expressed concerns about the scale of the audience as they see an increasingly saturated music marketplace and entertainment industry throughout the United States.

“These days, everybody is so inundated with entertainment information, but most of it feels to me like it’s mass-produced,” said White. “So what I hope is that people can listen to this record and hear that it’s homespun, that the songs were written very carefully and come from a sincere place, and that the process was very organic and genuine.”

The concert at Southgate House (map) is scheduled to begin at 8:30pm. Tickets cost $10 in advance (buy online), and $13 the day of the show.

Southgate House photograph by Dan Hewins.