Project manager delivers construction update on $120M Cincinnati Riverfront Park

As the new $120 million Cincinnati Riverfront Park (CRP) is being built, the Cincinnati Park Board has been producing regular video updates highlighting the progress and taking us inside the development of the park. Each update when viewed together really tells the story, from start to finish, of one of the region’s most significant developments currently underway.

In this Spring 2011 update, project manager Dave Prather walks us through the ongoing construction site that will soon become the front door to the city. The video provides updates on the Jacob G. Schmidlapp Stage & Event Lawn, scheduled for a May 2011 opening, as well as the Walnut Street Steps & Fountain and the which are both slated to open in fall 2011. Prather also takes some time to address ongoing budget concerns for the new park.

“The capital budget is still not affected on the contracts underway and the phases of the project under construction,” Prather stated. He also says that the park board expects many of the Phase I features to still be open during the 2011 or 2012 seasons pending operational budgets.

On Thursday, May 26 the Women’s Committee for Cincinnati Riverfront Park will hold their fifth annual “Hats Off” luncheon at the new event lawn. This will be the organization’s first event held at the new park for which they have raised thousands of dollars to make reality.

  • Dan

    Once phase 1 is done, what’s the roadmap for phase 2-5? Is there a capital fund for that work? Even if they can’t keep it fully open, it would be nice to get the actual construction done. Pretty major part of the banks

  • Zack

    Love these videos!

    Kudos to Holy Grail for pushing hard to get operations under way by Opening Day (and St Pats and NCAA!).

    While it will eventually be great, I really feel that The Lager House missed a great opportunity by not getting up to speed by the 31st. Could be construction, weather, or funding related. oh well.

    The national coverage will be a good opportunity as well as the many that attend the parade, to see how things have progressed in the last year despite the economic situation.

    Now if we can get Kasich to realize how much more money will come from having convenient transportation between casino, ballpark, downtown, OTR, we might be getting somewhere…

  • Dale Brown

    Will the county have money for the upkeep of the parks, or is this in the city’s realm?

  • @Dan: The Cincinnati Park Board is working to secure additional funding for the future phases. This may come from federal, state or local sources, and also includes private contributions and campaigns.

    @Dale Brown: This is a city park, so Hamilton County will have no funding responsibility as far as I’m aware. The city, on the other hand, has recently cut funding for the Cincinnati Park Board which will impact the operations of the new CRP. Only time will tell what those impacts will truly mean, or if those funds can be recovered by the time the park opens.

  • Dale Brown

    Thanks Randy; I thought it was the city but who’s in charge of what on the river is a little confusing. It would be a shame to spend all of this money and then not mow the grass or provide any upkeep.

  • Zack

    Did I hear correctly on Monday that 1.7% (or something) of sales from the Lager House will go towards the upkeep of the park?

    I wonder if the new businesses, and even downtown spots, could have something like “Park Week” similar to restaurant week, where a % of the sales go towards the city parks.

  • @Zack: Yes, a portion of revenues at the Moerlein Lager House will go towards covering operation costs of the new CRP. Your idea about a Park Week is very interesting.