This past week Cincinnatians were given a chance to tour a modern streetcar similar to those that will operate here beginning in 2013. The particular streetcar on display was manufactured by United Streetcar in Clackamas, OR and has been in testing on Portland’s streetcar tracks since it was built in 2009.

The streetcar is a near clone of the Czech-built Skoda streetcars that have been in operation there since 2001. After a tour of other cities considering streetcar systems, it will return to Portland and enter revenue service there next year. United Streetcar is currently building six new streetcars for Portland’s system expansion and seven streetcars for a new system in Tuscon, Arizona.

The streetcar displayed in Cincinnati can be viewed in action on Portland’s tracks on United Streetcar’s website, or by visiting it in person at 5th and Race streets (map) until Wednesday, November 10.  Below is a video from the first day this modern streetcar was on display in Cincinnati.  Mayor Mallory, business leaders, residents, and visitors gathered to get a look at the vehicle that will soon be running on Cincinnati’s streets.