[On Monday, November 1, Metro’s new CEO and General Manager Terry Garcia Crews wrote a letter to Cincinnatians. This is an unedited republishing of that letter in its entirety – Randy.]

Dear Friends of Metro,

Today is my first day as Metro’s CEO & General Manager, and I wanted to share my initial impressions of my new home. Cincinnati is a wonderful place. Metro is a great organization, and I see tremendous potential for our transit system to support the community’s objectives.

My immediate focus will be on a back-to-basics approach of providing safe, on-time, clean, and friendly service to the community. There’s no funding right now for growth, but we intend to maximize the impact of what we have.

Of importance, I want you to know that Metro’s 2011 budget will be balanced without negative changes in service, fares or jobs. We’re stable for now, but budget challenges will continue as the economy struggles to rebound. We’re dedicated to fiscal responsibility and cost containment to maintain current fares and service levels for the next year and hopefully longer.

I don’t intend to operate in a vacuum. I need to better understand the priorities of the community and where Metro fits in. My goal is to meet with community leaders over the coming weeks and months to get a clearer picture of the community’s needs and interest in transit. Listening to all of our stakeholders will help in developing our action plan and establishing a strategic direction.

I hope you will take a minute to share your thoughts about Metro with me via email at tgarciacrews@go-metro.com. Or let me know if you would like to meet and we can schedule a time. I’d also like to welcome you to become my friend and visit our Cincinnati Metro page on Facebook.

I’m looking forward to working with you to move Metro forward.

Terry Garcia Crews
CEO & General Manager