This Week in Soapbox UrbanCincy has the following six stories that you must check out. Read about the changes happening in OTR’s Gateway Quarter, AIA’s Broadway Commons casino charrette, the new Twin Bistro in Covington, Daisy Maes Market’s new healthy program, Cincinnati’s ongoing urban planning, and the sustainability efforts in Cincinnati as led by UC.

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TWIS 2/16/10:

  • Shaking things up in the Gateway Quarter of Over-the-Rhinefull article
  • AIA to lead Broadway Commons casino charrettefull article
  • Twin Bistro opens restaurant in heart of Covingtonfull article
  • Daisy Maes Market brings on Healthy Breaksfull article
  • What is Cincinnati’s best laid plan? (feature story)full article
  • Sustainability 101: UC Heads the Class (feature story)full article