The City of Cincinnati has installed two new stoplights in the Clifton Heights neighborhood directly adjacent to the University of Cincinnati. These lights are located at the intersections of Calhoun & Ohio streets as well as Clifton & College Court (the drive at which the college of DAAP is located).

For now the light at Ohio and Calhoun only blinks yellow and red, but will be changed to a full functioning stop light in the future. The DAAP light is fully functioning and allows for drivers turning left out of College Court onto Clifton to have a safe right-of-way.

The new light on Calhoun (map) comes at a particularly troubling spot for pedestrians. The flat straight-a-way had often encouraged drivers to speed down the street just feet away from pedestrians and bicyclists, many of whom cross back and forth across the street.

As a student attending the College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning I have experienced the perils of attempting to cross Clifton Street during rush hour. It is a busy, four lane road where drivers often drive over the speed limit. Drivers had a tendency to ignore the small yellow pedestrian crosswalk sign swinging high above the street, and more than once I jumped out of the way to avoid a collision. One memorable morning a van screeched to a halt approximately 6 inches from smashing me into pulpy art student pieces. I gave him a piece of my mind, for sure.