Growing business locally with Coffee Emporium

Coffee Emporium is a local favorite. The original location can be found in East Hyde Park, but they also boast an Over-the-Rhine location along Central Parkway and some new digs on Xavier University’s campus.

The Over-the-Rhine location is about to get some company as Coffee Emporium tries to grow a bit. Owner Tony Tausch recently signed a lease on the vacant building at 12th & Walnut that will soon be home to Coffee Emporium’s coffee roasting operations. The new facility will introduce a noticeable coffee roasting smell to that portion of the neighborhood as the exhaust will spew out from the interior.

Currently Coffee Emporium (Facebook Group) is able to produce about 24lbs of roasted coffee beans in each batch from its 12 kilo roaster. On average these batches take about 16 to 18 minutes, and once the company moves into the new facility the hopes are to double that production capacity.

The renovated two-story structure will also give Coffee Emporium (blog) much-needed office space on the second level. The first level will house the new coffee roasting operations and also be staged for special coffee tasting events for the especially particular coffee connoisseur.