Burger Beer back in the ‘Nati

The Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing Co. is on a roll lately. Hot off of their Little Kings re-branding, they are now about the bring back one of Cincinnati’s most fabled beers.

On Friday, May 29th Burger Beer will be relaunched at the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum. The event will go from 6pm to 11pm (short presentation at 7pm) with the first 600 paid admissions ($10) will receive a FREE commemorative Burger Classic Beer Relaunch Celebration/Crosley Field Remembered retro t-shirt.

At the event fans will be able to visit the “Crosley Field Remembered” special exhibit as well as the other permanent exhibits throughout the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum, enjoy some Burger Beer and watch the away Reds game (vs. Milwaukee) in the Palace of the Fans Theater beginning at 7pm.

The relaunching will bring back both Burger Classic Beer and Burger Light Beer. The beers will be available throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana for around $5.99 per twelve pack of cans and are considered full-flavored yet light-bodied American styled pilsner beers.

Greg Hardman, president of Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing Company, has been working aggressively to restore the great Cincinnati beer brands that once made the area known world-wide for its brewing heritage.

Part of that heritage is Burger Beer which was first established in 1880 with the Burger family’s malting business. The family began brewing their own beers in 1934 following the repeal of prohibition and was one of the first brewers in the nation, and first in Cincinnati, to can its beer. Then during World War II, Burger was one of only a handful of brewers selected by the government to supply camouflaged cans of Burger beer to military personnel throughout the world.

Burger Beer was also famous for its marketing slogan, “Vas You Efer in Zinzinnati?” that played off the fondness for Cincinnati’s German Heritage, and was a nationwide hit.

One of the most significant parts of Burger’s past is its relationship with the Reds organization. During the days of Crosley Field legendary Reds broadcaster, Waite Hoyt, during the nearly quarter century that Burger Beer sponsored the Reds radio broadcasts. Hoyt would frequently plug the local beer and would refer to home runs, hit as Crosley, as being destined for the outer reaches of “Burgerville.”

  • JohnAdams

    I was really glad to see Burger beer on the shelf again at the Meijer’s store. My Dad used to drink a lot of Burger beer down at a little town called Piketon Ohio. I have told many people what a good beer Burger is. I wish you could get Meijer’s to stock more Burger beer they run out quick because they don’t have much on the shelf. Can you buy Burger any place else around Columbus, Ohio or Grove City, Ohio. Grove City, Ohio is where we get our Burger beer. I know it has not been out long here in Grove City Meijer’s. Do you sell Burger beer to the Giant Eagle stores? I could tell you many stories about Burger beer and my Dad that is no longer living. He would have been about 106 years old now had he lived.
    I would like to come down to Cincinnati,Ohio and visit the brewery sometime this summer. There is a small brewery we go to down in Portsmouth, Ohio in the summer we drink beer and eat pizza at the brewery restaurant and have lots of fun.
    I will try and find your address in Cincinnati.
    We really enjoy drinking Burger beer when we can get it.
    John D. Adams

  • JohnAdams

    I forgot to ask in the first message how can I get a Burger beer T-shirt? I also like a Burger beer and a large swiss cheese sandwich he he.
    My address is
    John D. Adams
    2422 Ziner Circle N.
    Grove City, Ohio 43123
    Thank you
    John D. Adams

  • I do not know where you can get a Burger Beer t-shirt other than on the website (which says they are currently sold out).


  • tess

    The Burger Brewing Company was not started by the Burger family; rather, it was started by William J. Huster, who had worked for the Burger malting company previously.