This and that

I’ve noticed a few things recently…One of the first things is that it seems every weekend, in Cincinnati, is another jam packed weekend of things to do.  This isn’t much of a surprise to me, but I guess this is shocking to some.

Second thing.  In their first game the Bengals did more than confirm my fears that they weren’t going to be any good this year and underperform for yet another year.  Obviously one game makes a football season not, but still…our offense couldn’t score and our defense let a half-rate, first-time QB beat us.  Pathetic.
The final thing is this whole presidential election thing.  What originally promised to be a different election, by both candidates, seems to be heading down the same road of worthless bickering.  One worthless attack on patriotism, one worthless rebuttal to stay afloat.  It has me scratching my head and wondering if we will ever see substantive discussions and discourse in our politics again?  No matter which party you subscribe to, or who you support, no one wins when this nonsense takes hold, no one.