Keep the heart strong

Neighborhoods are what makes cities great, and strong/unique neighborhoods is one of Cincinnati’s greatest attributes. With that said, those neighborhoods stand little to no chance at survival without a strong core…and in Cincinnati’s case that couldn’t be more true.

Cincinnati’s center city is more important to the Cincinnati region more so than most other regions. The reason is pure and simple…a higher percentage of the region’s jobs are in the core, and more so than in most regions (sans Pittsburgh, Boston, and a couple others).

We need to constantly work at maintaining our strong neighborhoods, but we can never lose sight of what enables those neighborhoods to be what they are. Cincinnati’s center city is the economic engine that keeps our neighborhoods great.

It is understandable for neighborhoods to get upset over what they may perceive as special treatment towards the center city in terms of attention and investment, but really when we invest in our core (see streetcars) we are also investing in the rest of our great neighborhoods.

Photo Credit:
Celebration! by Alex Peppers
Part of the Capture Cincinnati collection