Downtown Treasure Hunt

The European-American Chamber of Commerce and the Alliance Francaise are hosting a Downtown Treasure Hunt this Saturday, May 3rd. The event will start at 1:30pm and last until 4:30pm. On the walk you will attempt to discover some of Cincinnati’s many hidden gems.

It is described as a stroller-friendly event that will cover just over a mile. Refreshments will be served and prizes will be awarded at the end of the event. The cost is $10 per person or $20 per family. For more information and to register, please fill out the form available online (PDF 580kb) and fax it to the European-American Chamber of Commerce at 513-852-6511 or call 513-852-6510.

Get off the juice

Gas is $3.65/gallon around many parts of the metro, and even higher in other parts of the country. As a result people are starting to combine trips, rethink purchasing that Hummer, and are generally looking for ways to cut their consumption – which is great.

At the same time politicians in DC are doing what they do best which is pretending as if they care about reducing our dependence on foreign oil. $3.59 sounds like a lot, but in reality it is still not high enough to cover the costs of maintaining our beloved road system. State DOTs, across the country, are going bankrupt and the feds are going to be hitting the red very soon.

The rise in prices is simply going to the foreign nations that are providing us the drug that fuels our addiction. At the same time our infrastructure is literally crumbling and we seem to have no backup strategy as to how to deal with modest gas prices (when compared to other developed nations at least).

So what’s an average citizen to do with these soaring gas prices and miserable economy? The answer is not pawning off your gold to pay for more gas. I would suggest moving closer to where you work, riding Metro (if possible), or carpool. These are all obvious solutions, but it seems that the location one gets overlooked quite a bit and is the one that can/will make the biggest impact.

Given that most people in this region work either Downtown or Uptown, I would suggest moving into the City of Cincinnati. Crime has been dramatically reduced over the past few years, Cincinnati Public Schools are poised to be ranked as ‘Effective’ (comparable to most suburban school districts), and there are numerous tax abatements available to avoid property taxes entirely in some cases up to 20 years…and you could save a lot money on your commuting costs.

Transit Options for Cincy:
Cincinnati Streetcar
Light Rail Now

All over Cincy (Photos)

I was all over the place this past Thursday and Friday…and I made sure to take my camera along. As a result you’re able to enjoy some of my favorites from the two days of random photography.

Neighborhoods represented in this slideshow include: Downtown, Over-the-Rhine, Clifton Heights, Hyde Park, The Heights, Columbia Tusculum, East Walnut Hills, Corryville, and Mariemont.

Get your flowers here

The Flower Carpet that has been on Fountain Square since April 7th will be going away this Sunday (4/27). The best part about it is that they will be giving the flowers away to the public for free. The public is free to line up prior to the giveaway that will run from 7am-10am (or until the plants are gone).

Each person will be given a crate that holds six pots. If you would like more than one crate you are permitted to get back in line for another.

Photo by Randy Simes

Happy Hour Cincinnati: Buddakhan

I don’t think a lot of people know about Buddakhan, but its got a nice happy hour (M-F) drink selection and a huge food menu. They now have a lunch, dinner, and late night food menu to take care of their customers all throughout the day.

For happy hour you can get 22oz. drafts for $2 which includes Bud Light and 2 rotating featured drafts. If draft beer isn’t your thing then you can choose from 40 different selections of beer on stock.

This is a great spot to hit up midway through your night if you’re looking for some food and want the drinks to keep on flowing. It also works for that late night end cap (open until 2:30am every day). Buddakhan also has live music occasionally and many of the tables include their own personal TV on the table.

The other great thing about Buddakhan is its location. All you have to do is turn your head and you could continue your hop to Lodge Bar, BlackFinn, Madonna’s, Sully’s, Cadillac Ranch, Universal Grille, Rockin’ Robins, Via Vite, Havana Martini Club, Arnold’s, Blue Wisp Jazz Club, or Nada (I’m sure I forgot something, so forgive me).

713 Vine Street (GoogleMap)
Cincinnati, OH 45202

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