1 Night, 12 Kitchens at the Midwest Culinary Institute

The Midwest Culinary Institute (MCI) located at Cincinnati State is one of the nation’s best culinary schools and a gem for the Cincinnati region. On April 26th you have the opportunity to experience great food and wine prepared by the top chefs in Cincinnati while also raising some money for scholarship opportunities down the road.

1 Night, 12 Kitchens will be from 6pm to 9pm on Sunday, April 26th at the MCI (GoogleMap) located on the Clifton campus of Cincinnati State. In addition to the culinary treats, participants will also have the opportunity to visit with MCI faculty, students and explore the school’s 12 teaching kitchens. There will also be a silent auction that will include wine lots, a handcrafted chandelier and tickets for a variety of culinary experiences.

Two of MCI’s kitchen classrooms – Photos from Cincinnati Magazine

The menu, for the evening, includes a terrine of foie gras, medallion of lobster, truffled tenderloin of beef, rum baba and an assortment of French cheeses and petite sweets…making it a perfect evening for our Food Network and culinary lovers (I know you’re out there).

Prices start at $80 for a complete food and wine sampling that also includes tours of all 12 kitchens. A $150 VIP package includes, “an exclusive culinary station, private receptions with the participating chefs and a souvenir apron.” And for those that are willing to put up $250 for a good cause, you will also be treated to a private dinner at the MCI’s Summit Restaurant with Comfort and Chef Timmins.

You can purchase tickets online at Cincinnati Magazine, or by phone at (513) 562-2777. Space is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot early.


Scooters gaining speed in Cincinnati

Are you one of the many people riding around town on a scooter, moped, or motorcycle?  If you are then you’re in luck.  The City of Cincinnati has taken note of the increased number of these smaller vehicles and is planning to introduce five parking locations, throughout the Downtown area, for these vehicles.

These will be 10-hour, dedicated, on-street parking options.  Each of the five locations will accomodate between 3-5 vehicles each.  The City plans to have these locations set up and in place by the end of October and wants your input on where they should be located throughout the Downtown area.

Take the survey here!Shop for scooters today!

The City is also strongly considering some other neighborhoods for this program, but would like your input on where it would be best suited.  Clifton, Northside, and others (you know who you are) this means you.  Tell City officials that you think it would be a great idea for this program to be extended to your neighborhood, and help make this initial program a success.

The beauty of this program is that it not only makes things better for those who currently ride around on scooters, mopeds, or motorcycles, but it also makes the city more inviting to those considering these smaller vehicles as an alternative to a car.

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