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Episode #66: Winter Update

Travis, Jake, and John discuss the demolition of the Pogue's Garage and the construction of the Fourth & Race and Eighth & Sycamore towers. We also discuss the effects of the Hamilton County Auditor's property revaluations, various Uptown developments, and more.

Episode #60: 2015 in Review (Part 2)

The UrbanCincy Team discusses the Liberty Street Road Diet, the need for bike lanes (or lack thereof), the role of industry along the Mill Creek valley, and Queensgate's future.

Episode #2: Transportation Poverty

On the second episode of The UrbanCincy Podcast, Randy, Jake, and Travis discuss the transportation poverty faced by senior citizens in Cincinnati and other U.S. cities. We also discuss the problem of suburban developers externalizing their costs onto taxpayers, and we address listener feedback from our discussion on bus rapid transit (BRT) systems.

Episode #31: Technology & Transporation

John, Jake, and Travis discuss a number of transportation issues related to technology -- from the "Google bus" issue in the Bay Area, to taxi alternatives like Uber and Lyft, to driverless cars.

Episode #15: Downtown Cincinnati Inc.

The President/CEO of Downtown Cincinnati Inc. joins us in the podcast studio this week. David Ginsburg talks with Travis, Randy and John about his organization, the status of downtown, and what the future holds for the region's economic and population center.