Should SORTA redraw its entire system? And if so, how?

On the latest episode of The UrbanCincy Podcast we discussed some ideas that Cincinnati would be smart to copy from other cities. One of the items discussed was a complete overhaul of the region’s bus network. Metropolitan Seoul did it in the early aughts, and Houston is in the process of doing it now. While there are numerous ways in which to go about doing this, one approach could be to crowd-source ideas from people using this bus routing tool. More from CityLab:

Not only does the tool give agencies a visually appealing way to present potential routes, but it enables them to respond to ideas—or, let’s face it, complaints—in real-time. If someone wants to move a bus route one street over, for instance, planners can just drag a line a few blocks and show that for an extra $250,000 the bus will now pick up just 10 more people a day.

“Transit for a lot of riders seems like just lines on the map,” he says. “This tool can really communicate to folks—much, much quicker than we’ve ever been able to— what changes to the system mean.”

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  • thebillshark

    I want to try this for my Uptown Four idea: I requested the program from TransitMix but if one of you guys has it up and running already and can help out let me know! Also, I’ve always wanted to add map info like a job density map to my presentation.

  • Josh Lapp

    You don’t have to go all the way to Houston to find another city that is redrawing its whole system:

    • AJ

      COTA is so weird to me. They choose the most random things to improve. A shelter here, a bus stop sign there. Then they go an redesign the whole network (which is great) but then mention clock-face headways. (…like they’re trying to be a small town.)

  • AJ

    Metro’s system is relatively efficient. There are some major gaps (like connections to Uptown from the East and West) but the majority of the system works relatively well. I’m not sure a completely redesign is in order. Metro’s Go*Forward plan is a really great step in the right direction. I’d much rather see the county get involved and that plan be fully built out more than a completely scrapping of what we have.

    • EDG

      Transit between uptown and the west side is particularly weak, and it shows with the daily number of commuting students coming into CUF and Corryville.