Minneapolis moving forward with two, possibly three streetcar lines

A recent study found that while Metro does more with less than 11 peer cities, it woefully lags behind the rest when it comes to the amount and diversity of its service. In fact, Cincinnati was one of only four regions studied without any rail transit, and was the largest of those four. One of the peer cities studied is Minneapolis, which already has light rail and commuter rail in addition to its bus service, and now is moving forward with two, possibly three modern streetcar lines. More from the Star Tribune:

The transportation and public works committee gave the green light to move forward with an environmental review and “pre-project development activities” on the proposed $200 million, 3.4-mile Nicollet Avenue streetcar line. They simultaneously approved moving forward with a jointly funded alternatives analysis to study the possibility of building streetcars along West Broadway in North Minneapolis…Planning for a third transit line – possibly streetcars – is also underway for the Midtown Corridor. That process is being led by the Metropolitan Council.

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  • Andrea ‘Carlson’ Mayeux

    A proposal is moving forward on the east side of the Twin Cities as well! I believe St. Paul is looking at a downtown line.

    Streetcars will be a great addition! But MSP has a long ways to go in combating the “we’re a car community, we don’t need trains” mentality. I feel like it’s underlying factor in the resistance against the Southwest Corridor line. And someday I will find the article that addressed poor planning and missed opportunity to create new, vibrant communities along the Hiawatha Line.

    I hope when Cincy gets there… it can learn from The Cities!

    • I agree. The Blue Line (fka Hiawatha Line) had/has tons of potential. I think Minneapolis still has a tremendous opportunity to do exactly what you’re saying. The expansion of light rail and perhaps streetcars into St. Paul makes the overall system that much more beneficial.

      On another but similar note, I was very encouraged to read this editorial in the Star Tribune the other day: http://www.startribune.com/opinion/editorials/233086711.html.

    • Andrea ‘Carlson’ Mayeux

      Very encouraging!

    • amtrakpax

      Saint Paul passed it up when the Hiawatha Line opened. Now they want it YESTERDAY! People on the Hiawatha route would ask…”This is the only one?” What! This is so cool! Your kidding this is the only one!

  • Jake Fessler

    Maybe I’m imagining things but 200 million seems pretty steep for a 3.4 mile line. Any idea why it’s so high?