It’s Election Day: Get Out There and Vote!

Urbanist Candidates ForumVoting and participating in the democratic process is a fundamental element of our democracy.

This is your chance as a citizen to vote for those people you would like to represent you on Cincinnati City Council and the Cincinnati Board of Education. These are the people that will decide how to spend your tax dollars. These are the people that will chart the course for the city. These are the people that will decide how to represent you to others around the country and world.

This is important.

There are many significant issues on today’s ballot. Issue 1 is asking voters to renew a tax levy for the Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library. Issue 2 is requesting a tax levy renewal to provide maintenance funds for the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens. And Issue 4 is seeking to majorly overhaul how the City of Cincinnati manages its pension system.

These are important issues.

In terms of representatives, voters in Cincinnati will elect a new mayor for the first time in eight years. They will also elect nine council members who, for the first time, will serve four-year terms.

These decisions are important.

As a result of continued state funding cuts for local governments, a wide array of school levies and other tax levies are on the ballot in communities across the region. Will these resources receive the funding they need, or will they experience trickle-down cuts from the state level?

That is an important question to answer.

There are 381 polling locations (find your voting location) serving Hamilton County’s 545 precincts, and each location is open today from 6:30am to 7:30pm.

Many experts believe that the turnout for today’s election will be less than 40% of registered voters. This and all elections are important. Make sure you get out there today and vote for the candidates you feel will best represent you, and support the issues you feel are important and add value to our community. It is your right and privilege as a citizen to do so. Vote.

  • Mark Christol

    I tend to think of voting as a responsibility but I’m just old fashioned.

  • Jules Michael Rosen

    In light of the election outcomes, I created a petition in support of the streetcar. Please sign. @moveon

  • SCADgrad.

    Shame the younger voters didn’t get out and vote for Qualls. I fear what will happen to the momentum of progress and development in this city. But hey everyone on the east and west side “what does the streetcar do for me?” status quo have spoken. Four years of Cranley ahead.

  • charles ross

    The Enquirer put up a really interesting map of voter turnout and who they voted for by ward. West side has very little turnout, and the east side is heavily represented by hyde park, bond hill a few other cranley targeted zones.

    • Interesting that the west side had so low turnout given the belief among Qualls supporters that they swayed the election.