Shoppers Organize New Event to Support Evening Hours at Findlay Market

In 2009, Findlay Market decided to expand its hours of operation and add Sunday hours for the first time. While the addition of the Sunday business has been extremely successful, it has been more challenging for vendors and management to get customers familiar with the idea that the public market is open until 6pm every night.

In order to help grow awareness of this, a group of passionate Findlay Market shoppers have decided to organize what they are calling Findlay After Four.

Shoppers at Findlay Market

The event, which will take place today for the first time, will occur every Thursday from 4pm to 6pm.

“Successful retail today is about having the right in-store activities and promotions to drive loyalty and sales,” explained Karen Kahle, Resource Development Director, Findlay Market. “To support the Findlay After Four shopper campaign, each Thursday we will be offering a variety of activities.”

Kahle says this Thursday’s event will include a cooking demonstration by Julie Francis of Nectar, craft beer at the OTR Biergarten from Christian Moerlein and MadTree, a wine tasting at Market Wines, and free raffle giveaways.

The group of shoppers that have organized the weekly event are encouraging those who attend to bring their friends, family and anyone who wants to join in and support evening hours of operation at Cincinnati’s historic Findlay Market.

“Our goal is to chip away at the perception that the market is not always open until 6:00 and to attract OTR, downtown and uptown workers and residents to the market on weekdays,” Kahle concluded. “We hope you’ll check it out and help spread the word!

  • I’m glad this event is happening, but it is only the first step in the right direction. A lot of people with 9-5 jobs will simply not be able to make it there and finish their shopping by 6. The next step would be for the market to stay open later, at least one day a week, to allow people to shop after work on weeknights.

  • 14thatBremen

    I agree with Travis. As someone who works 8-5 I can’t make it to Findlay and have sufficient time to shop with them closing at 6:00.

    • Yeah, I totally understand that as well. I often work until 6pm or later, and obviously would not ever be able to get there in time.

      I think the issue is that many of the long-time vendors are hesitant to agree to later hours based on their past experiences. It represents a large commitment from them, and I think they just want to be absolutely certain it is worth their time and effort.

      It would be wonderful if Findlay Market were able to extend its hours until 8pm. Maybe this could be done by allowing some of the more restaurant type vendors outside of the market house to stay open into the evenings. This would allow shoppers to get used to coming to Findlay Market in the evening, and then the other vendors could start staying open later once a base of customers has been established.

      I’ve actually long thought that the corner space at Elm Street and Elder Street (on the south side of the market house) would make for a perfect restaurant or cafe operator. Something like this I think would serve as a magnet and draw new customers to the market, and easily be able to operate in the evening/night.

    • zschmiez

      Seems a bit counter-intuitive to modern business: “I wont stay open late until there is a proven demand to justify it”.

      Just 1 example, but 3CDC had to build apartments and bars before people would go to them, there wasnt folks milling around looking for booze on Vine (well, there were but…)

      PLT used to be open late 1 day a week. There were 10 people there on a cold winter Tuesday. I was impressed with the turnout to be honest.

      Does anyone else besides Daisy Mae’s deliver downtown? Just curious if they could partner with other vendors. But it takes away from the “experience” of shopping, which people tend to enjoy.

  • Perhaps a way to attract more people in the evening would be to have more bars, cafes, restaurants, etc that are open later hours and draw people to the area.