Immigration Can Stabilize City Housing Market

As immigration reform is discussed on the national level, several cities have taken the lead in accepting more immigrants. This has led to an influx of population which have stabilized housing markets in several cities. A few months ago we discussed this issue on the UrbanCincy podcast and examined how the issue is affecting Cincinnati.  More from the Atlantic Cities:

Broadly, this implies that immigrants help boost housing markets, in much the same way that they’ve been shown in the past to shore up aging populations where large numbers of workers are retiring out of the workforce. And they’ve had the greatest impact boosting the housing market in areas that could use it most – specifically, in shrinking Rust Belt cities, or in the deteriorating neighborhoods of major metropolitan areas where it’s elsewhere unaffordable to live.

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  • Eric

    Look at the bike racks at Moerlein before dinner, many immigrants in my neighborhood in Covington bike across bridge to work at the banks restaurants.

    • I’ve noticed that exact same thing. In fact, I even photographed an immigrant locking up his bike there last time I was in town.

    • Mark Christol

      Did you guys interview them?
      I thought the gy on the podcast made some pretty sketchy claims. it doesn’t matter what people look like, cities need people with money & education. In Cincinnati it seems UC is going to be the biggest draw in that group.

    • Spoke with the man in passing. No official interview…just conversational.