Celebrate election night at Moerlein Lager House with fellow Cincinnati urbanists

We hope that you have already gone out and cast your vote, but if not, we hope that you are able to make time today or tomorrow so that you can fill out your ballot. After that, come out to Moerlein Lager House Tuesday evening and celebrate the end of the 2012 election season with us for November’s URBANexchange.

This month we will once again gather in the biergarten at the Moerlein Lager House (map) at 5:30pm, and stay as long as people are interested. As always, there will be terrific food and drink available for purchase, with a portion of the sales going to support Smale Riverfront Park.

This will not be a partisan event, but rather an opportunity to enjoy the evening with other urbanists, and discuss the issues facing cities today.

It should be an exciting evening given that the Presidential Election will be decided by Ohioans, with Hamilton County being the most populated swing county up for grabs.

  • Zachary Schunn

    Hate to be a buzzkill, but I’m not sold on this “Ohio will swing the election” idea. I guess we’ll see tomorrow…

    • Not a buzzkill at all…it just seems to be what most of the experts are saying this election. If you disagree, no big deal, but you should still come out and celebrate with us at Moerlein Lager House.

    • Zachary Schunn

      I can’t make it… :-/

    • Actually according to political scholars, no Republican has won the presidency without winning Ohio. Ever. So Ohio will definitely swing the election.

    • Zachary Schunn

      I know. My point is Obama could easily win by 2 or more states. Romney basically needs to sweep Ohio, Virginia, and Florida, PLUS win at least one more battleground to win. And he’s behind in all those states (according to polls).

    • Zachary Schunn

      Either candidate still has a shot, I’m just not convinced either will win by just one state.

    • I agree with that. It will be interesting tomorrow night because in 2008 it appeared that Florida would go for Obama, so winning Florida alone didn’t do it for him. However, in 2012 that may not be the case. It has been assumed that Florida will go for Romney this time, so if Obama is able to pull out a victory there is would more or less squash any chances Romney had at getting the required delegates. Thus making Ohio somewhat irrelevant, much like Ohio did with Florida in 2008.