Consultant says Covington focusing resources in wrong places.

MJB Consulting had sobering news for Covington officials when it delivered its report to city officials about how to breathe new life into Covington’s center city. The report stated that there is too much retail and that the existing retail is targeting high-end shoppers that just aren’t there. MJB Consulting also suggested that Covington not focus its energies on the Roebling Point area, and that MainStrasse should continue as a bar destination. More from the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Berne strongly recommended Madison Avenue be the focus of storefront-filling activity because it has historic retail advantages over other streets, such as Pike Street, Martin Luther King Boulevard and Scott Boulevard. With resources at City Hall so limited, it’s important for the city to “triage” which areas are helped to rebuild, he said. Both mayoral candidates, Sherry Carran and Steve Casper, said they agree with Berne’s report. So did three city commission candidates.