Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati kicks off 2012 DIY Urbanism Competition

The Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati (AFC) and the University of Cincinnati Niehoff Urban Studio have launched the DIY Urbanism Competition 2012 for the city of Cincinnati. Organizers say that the competition is looking for entrants to identify the most creative visions for temporary installations that could enhance the use, perception, and enjoyment of public space in urban areas throughout Cincinnati.

Entries for the DIY Urbanism Competition 2012 are open to individuals or groups associated with architecture, planning, art, or design disciplines that reside or operate within the Cincinnati region. Students must be currently enrolled.

Organizers state that proposals may vary in content from architectural, fine art, or programming concepts, but must be illustrated for a site specific context. A $10 entry fee paid upon delivery, and competition work must be submitted to the AFC by January 18.

The Exhibit Opening Reception and announcement of winners will take place on Tuesday, February 7. Winners for ‘Best in Show’ and ‘Best Student Work’ will be awarded $500 and $200 respectively from the AFC.

More information about registration, design submissions and the competition is available through the University of Cincinnati Community Design Center website. Questions may be addressed by email only to All questions and answers will then be compiled and posted on the competition web site.

  • Aaron Watkins

    I really wish there was more time to work on this, especially with the holidays coming up, a lot of people have vacation / plans established, which leaves about 2/3 of a month.

  • Dave Menninger
  • Nathan Strieter

    This is great stuff- I just wish that this competition had been proposed when I was still eligible.

  • Matt

    To clarify, is this competition open to everyone?

    I think the language is a bit confusing, but my understanding is that you need to be a registered student to win the student award, but the other prize is open to all who apply who can pass a “design discipline in Cincinnati” sniff test.