The Hamilton County Administration is looking for community input on the development of its 2012 budget. Hamilton County residents will be able to share their thoughts on transportation, economic development and various tax levies now through October 23.

The 2012 Hamilton County Citizen Survey also asks participants how they would handle various tax proposals to help balance the stadium fund.

A theme continued from last year’s citizen survey is that of regional governance and planning. In this year’s questionnaire participants are asked what role regional planning should play in Hamilton County, and how county-wide programs like the sewer district and sheriff patrols.

According to the Hamilton County Office of Budget and Strategic Initiatives (BSI), many of the more than 1,300 respondents last year expressed a desire to share additional thoughts not otherwise provided in the multiple choices presented in the survey. As a result, BSI officials have added comment boxes to this year’s survey in order to ascertain even more ideas and potential solutions.

The survey will run from October 10 through 23, with final results being shared on October 26. Those interested in participating can also do so by utilizing the QR code shared in this article.

Those who would prefer to share their thoughts in person will have the ability to do so at two remaining public budget hearings. The first will take place today at 11:30am at the Hamilton County Administration Building downtown (map). The second, and final of four total budget hearings, will take place at the Springfield Township Administrative Building on October 20 at 7:30pm.