OTR Urban Kickball League gears up for second season

After a successful first season, the Over-the-Rhine Urban Kickball League is back for round two. The league, established by UrbanCincy in fall 2010 and run with help of community members, aims to create a relaxed, fun atmosphere where neighbors and friends get to know each other better and integrate into the community, making the neighborhood safer through play.

The new season will have up to 16 teams with up to 15 players each playing four nights a week. The past season saw 12 teams go head-to-head in friendly competition that often involved kids from the neighborhood participating in the games.

This year’s league play will run from June 6 through August, with playoffs beginning near the end of August. Teams will take turns to referee opposing teams, with play Monday through Thursday, games at 6pm and 7pm, located at Cutter Playground behind the former School of Creative & Performing Arts building (map) on Sycamore Street.

While some aspects of the league will change, the core remains the same: having fun and improving the neighborhood. If you are interested in forming a team this season, please Like the League page on Facebook and download the sign up form today.

Teams must fill out all forms, including liability waivers, and submit them along with admission fee ($5 per person) to The Famous Neons Unplugged between now and May 15.

Fall 2010 OTR Urban Kickball League photo by Jake Mecklenborg for UrbanCincy.

  • Does this league use the “normal” size ball (seen in pic) only, or does it switch to the “red giant” mid-way?

  • Well I guess I’ll just have to find out myself then.

  • Last season we used normal sized balls… It’s not a terribly official league.

  • Jenny…is there room for children who want to play on a regular basis? Like, on a team, not just filling in?


  • the point of the league is not “us vs. them”, which is what a team full of kids would literally end up being. that, combined with the difficulty of organizing a team full of kids (and also having other teams with an unfair advantage) makes me feel confident that allowing kids to play on teams that are short players (or teams that want that interaction) will be a successful move.

    Thanks for the idea, though.

  • Is this you play every day? or just one of those days a week?

  • Each team plays one day a week.

  • marc

    can one still sign up to play in this league?