Dive Bar set to open this week on Short Vine in Corryville

A new neighborhood tavern is slated to open in Corryville soon along Short Vine. The new establishment, Dive Bar, occupies the space previously used by Submarine Galley and is scheduled to open this Thursday just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

Those familiar with the location may not recognize the space from the street as the building has undergone a significant renovation that has completely restored the historic structures exterior and interior spaces.

“It was a disaster inside,” said Dive Bar partner John Pedro. “We started working, on the space, in January and have used five big dumpsters to clean it out inside.” Pedro says that while he and his business partners have focused on the 1,800-square-foot interior, the Uptown Consortium assisted financially with exterior renovations including roof repair.

The bar will include lounge seating, free wifi with plentiful electrical outlets, simple street food prepared by Flop Johnsons, and a rotating menu of beer and wine. The beer, Pedro says, will include $1 Pabst Blue Ribbon cans all the time, but also a large selection of craft beers including Dogfish Head, Anchor Steam, Great Lakes, Mt. Carmel, Christian Moerlein and Hudepohl. In total he expects there to be between 30 to 40 different beers, and 15 to 20 different wines available at any given time.

To further the experience, Pedro says that patrons will be able to purchase a mug for a quarter. The purchased mug will then have the patron’s name etched on it and hang behind the bar for only their use, and will get them $3 drink specials. The whole idea is to create a neighborhood-oriented feel that caters to regulars.

“All of our places are neighborhood joints, and this place is no different,” said Pedro who is also involved with Hang Over Easy and Village Idiot in Columbus. “We think it’s great when you can walk into these neighborhood type dive bars and know the people working there.”

In order to accomplish that Pedro and his partners have hired all local individuals to operate the bar, and value their business model on being able to serve as an incubator, of sorts, for local talent. Additionally, Pedro says that the group is excited to enter the Cincinnati market and become a part of the evolving Corryville neighborhood, but that recent streetcar setbacks have been disappointing.

“We felt the connectivity to downtown, and the activity down there, would have been great, but at the same time the neighborhoods surrounding the university are great,” Pedro explained. “We’re hugely disappointed because that connectivity to downtown, and all the activity happening down there, would have been great. Slowly but surely things will connect, but in Columbus it’s taken 20 to 30 years for Short North to connect with the downtown there.”

Dive Bar (map) will be open Monday through Saturday from 11am to 2:30am, and will be closed on Sundays except during football season. Stay connected with Dive Bar for details on future specials and weekly events.

Dive Bar exterior photograph by Jake Mecklenborg for UrbanCincy.

  • I have heard that the entire block on the East side of Short Vine was under plans by the owner of Martino’s to demolish it and build a bowling alley and movie theater. Are there still plans by them to do this? I can’t imagine Dive Bar would locate here if this is still pending.


  • I would highly doubt that plan is still under consideration. Especially given that the Uptown Consortium was part of that original plan, and they contributed some capital investment to Dive Bar. I think that, without actually saying it, says it all.

  • I rather like this approach. Similar to what I would do if I opened a local pub.

    Some might especially like the free wife….that’s a great typo.

  • Whoops. Thanks for the heads up on that typo. I’ve gone ahead and fixed that. Patrons will enjoy free wifi, not a free wife.

  • Yeah, I kind of assumed that as well when I read that Uptown Consortium donated money towards the project. I don’t remember any articles about it not happening in the two years since that article was written so this is really the first time I have heard anything to the contrary. Good news!

    I am excited to try out Dive Bar. Though to get a truly “neighborhood feel” I think it would be nice to be open on Sundays too. Perhaps if business does well they can expand to Sundays.

  • Aaron Watkins

    Will definitely try this place when I’m back in Cincy.

  • Ace

    Not a good sign for a business that claims it will be open on a certain date and doesn’t. I walk past this place all the time and that open sign you can see in the picture hasn’t moved once.

  • @Ace: The opening date had a bit of flex room. When opening restaurants and/or bars, there are often times things out of your control as an owner that impact your opening date. The best way to find out if they are in fact open is probably by following their Facebook page linked in the story.