2011 CitiRama to expand urban community in Bond Hill

The Home Builders Association and City of Cincinnati are celebrating a decade of urban living with this year’s CitiRama home show. The Villages of Daybreak, located in Bond Hill, is being developed by NorthPointe Group in a public faith venture with the Allen Temple Foundation and Tryed Stone Family and Community Development Center.

Located at the intersection of Langdon Farm Road and Rhode Island Avenue, the development will eventually include 196 single family homes and 102 townhouses and condos.

After the success of 2010’s CitiRama in Northside, the Home Builder’s Association looked to the newly designated NEP neighborhood of Bond Hill to continue the growth of urban home building.

“Bond Hill is strategically positioned to create an urban walkable community,” said Dr. Everett Gregory, President of the Bond Hill Community Council. “With the new Neighborhood Enhancement Program designation, we will be working together to improve Bond Hill. The Villages of Daybreak will be a part of that.”

The homes, built by both Drees and Potterhill Homes, have elements of new urbanism designed into the site plan. There are single family houses with driveways facing on the backside into an alley, with wide sidewalks and more houses on smaller lots. While not completely integrated into a walkable neighborhood with commercial infill, the development is located next to a shopping mall which is a parking lots’ walk away.

The 2011 CitiRama will be held September 17 through 25, 2011 at the Villages of Daybreak. There will be a poster contest in the coming months to showcase the work of local artists, and a kick off to celebrate both CitiRama and National Home Builder’s month in June.

“We’re excited and very confident that our 10th CItiRAMA at the Villages of Daybreak will once again showcase the region,” said HBA President Dan Dressman. “We will show that the city of Cincinnati is truly a great place to live.”

Villages of Daybreak site plan photograph by UrbanCincy contributor Thadd Fiala.

  • Mark Kinne

    New urbanism? Seriously? 4 cul-de-sacs. How exactly is that new urbanist? This is typical suburban development masquerading as urban infill.

  • Mark:

    I agree, and I think that is why Jenny said it has “elements of new urbanism” and is “not completely integrated into a walkable neighborhood”.

    With that said, the Village of Daybreak development has been around forever. The development has started, then stopped and changed hands a number of times. It will be interesting to see if they can roll the success experienced in Northside’s CitiRama to Bond Hill. That will show whether it is the city home show, or the neighborhood that makes the difference.

  • CitiRama was held here in 2005. I think it may have brought awareness to the development at the time, but since then development has really slowed and some of the denser elements have been scrapped for more single-family fare.

    About the only “new urbanist” element has been the incorporation of alleys. Other than that, it is pretty indistinguishable from subdivisions being built outside of the City.

  • I drove through the Villages of Day Break and I think that the houses are very nice.

    The location is definitely a good one. Bond Hill has always been a very accessible

    neighborhood and “walkable.”

    The only thing I would criticize is that 1st, there should be more homes and 2nd,

    some of the homes should be a little bigger and more private.

    Perhaps they should buy out more of the current homes and rebuild new homes or buy up

    more land.