‘Around Cincy’ video shows off Cincinnati’s vibrant Fountain Square

First and foremost, happy Labor Day.  Hopefully everyone enjoyed the fireworks and festivities on the Ohio River this year, and hopefully everyone is recovering from extended weekend celebrations so that they can get right back to work tomorrow morning.

To keep things light, check out this intriguing video put together of scenes from downtown Cincinnati.  The videographer says he decided to put the video together out of unused work, but the final product here is pretty darn good.  The video primarily stays on and around the vibrant Fountain Square.

‘Around Cincy’ lasts a brief 1:49.  If anyone is able to identify the song, please share that information in the comment section.

  • Nathan Strieter

    No luck on the song. While slow the views show a vibrant city. I always thought that a similar approach would be the more benefcial avenue for “Cincinnati USA” to take, showing that we are a destination for an educated vibrant public. The goal would be an ad geared towards prospective residents and companies (two economic drivers from a tax standpoint), rather than advertising ourselves as the regional entertainment HQ (bc we are that by default).

    On a side note anyone who enjoyed Randy’s parking posts earlier this year might enjoy this new website… http://www.reinventingparking.org/