Cincinnati needs its own version of ‘Little Big Berlin’

These types of videos have become all the rage lately, and rightfully so. They are simply stunning in their production quality and the overall content they capture.

Little Big Berlin does a particularly good job capturing the human element found within cities. The video showcases Berliners functioning within their city. Many of the scenes are playful, but others are just typical day-to-day functions made intriguing by the essence of this videography.

The video utilizes “tilt-shift” to create the miniature effect, and is set to the music of “Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2” by Franz Liszt. I do not know how to achieve this kind of product myself, but I do know that someone in Cincinnati needs to do this for our city.

  • I’ll do a video if UrbanCincy sponsors the tilt-shift lens.

  • You can do it with masking.
    With all the dough this blog makes, I am sure they can sponsor a feature movie or three, tho…..
    You’d think they could afford a left margin !!!!

    That is a neat looking video.

  • Haha, I wish UrbanCincy could sponsor that sort of thing. Heck, I wish UrbanCincy could even sponsor someone’s lunch every now and then. And Quimbob, you leave our left-margin out of this! You know that’s a sensitive subject for us.

  • That’s pretty cool. Reminds me of Mr. Rogers neighborhood. Would love to see this done at a Cincinnati sporting event.

  • Zack

    Isn’t it done with stills and then stitched together?

  • Nathan Strieter

    Randy- I thought the same thing when I saw this linked on other sites late last week. Sweet video… Cincy would make a nice play off Hamburg, Brooklyn, or Munich.

  • AJ Knee

    A music video came out a couple of years ago featuring Milwaukee during a snow storm using tilt-shift. It’s pretty entertaining:

  • Thanks for sharing that AJ. The music and the tilt-shift video are very fun.