Weigh in on local policy issues in 2011 Hamilton County Citizen Survey

Officials are encouraging Hamilton County residents to take the 2011 Citizen Survey. The annual survey asks for input on 12 key issues including topics like the legalization of marijuana, public transportation investments, land banking policies, government consolidation efforts, and even a variety of election-related issues.

The survey takes approximately eight to ten minutes, and allows residents to share their opinions about difficult policy issues facing Hamilton County.

One of the biggest elements of the survey is the issue of government reform. Presently there are 49 different jurisdictions throughout Hamilton County. Many of which have overlapping services and functions, that if consolidated, could present significant cost savings for taxpayers.

Several questions also focus on jail overcrowding and criminal treatment programs. The issues at hand include how to immediately address the jail crowding issue while also solving the problem long-term in a cost-effective and socially acceptable manner. Two such solutions include the legalization of marijuana and an increased focus on treatment and prevention programs for repeat offenders.

Residents of Hamilton County can access the 2011 Citizen Survey online now by visiting the county’s website or by visiting the survey directly.

  • I took the survey earlier today. While they ask some great questions, I was a bit dissappointed by some of the answers they gave as options. A few times, I found myself agreeing with part of an answer, and then disagreeing with the rest of it.

    I would have liked to have seen an “I’m not sure” option on each question, too.

    But hey, I am really glad that they are asking the citizens what they think. I hope they recieve a strong response. I would like them (and the City, for that matter) to conduct one of these surveys more often, and them make the raw data available to the public.

  • I had similar issues with the survey David. The answers were often weighted and/or multifaceted – neither of which is ideal in public opinion collection.

    I also think many of the answers are too policy wonky for the average citizen, and that an “I’m not sure” option would have been ideal.

  • I want to click a box that says, “I think the county and city government should merge like all the other mid-sized cities in the region.”