Google’s ‘Parisian Love’ Super Bowl commercial runaway winner

This year Google did the unexpected and ran a Super Bowl ad at the beginning of the 4th Quarter. The commercial wasn’t funny and didn’t try to be. The commercial was easily the winner of most effective Super Bowl commercial even if it doesn’t win the popular votes.

The commercial was effective for both men and women, it illustrated perfectly the uses and benefits of their product (Google search engine), it clearly established their brand identity, and had an amazing authenticity that is rarely found in commercials…much less Super Bowl commercials.

The story line of ‘Parisian Love’ was very identifiable for most people through the common love storyline, and Google’s ability to work in natural and common questions along the way was brilliant. The commercial was also very clever to work in the spelling error of “louve” instead of “louvre.” Also clever was the natural integration of the auto-complete function of Google searches.

If you didn’t get a chance to catch the commercial live during Super Bowl XLIV you should view it now.